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If you haven’t heard- there’s this magical place where you can swing from giant bananas, taste loads of yummy ice cream and dip your toes into a swimming pool filled with sprinkles. A place where your imagination is in charge and the feeling of childlike joy is required. The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) hit the scene in 2016 – created by Maryellis Bunn, who was simply making her dream of swimming in a sprinkle pool come to life.

MOIC is an interactive experience, filled with bright colors, and installations that activate all five senses. You know that scene in Willy Wonka when the wallpaper is flavored and everything is edible? It exists in the MOIC. They’ve popped up in Miami, LA, New York and San Francisco. MOIC stays in their location for a short time and becomes a sought-after place to capture the perfect insta-worthy shot. As they recently ended their time in Miami (the closest location to us 😭), they headed back to NYC for an extra special exhibit.

Today, Museum of Ice Cream opens The Pint Shop– their own line of Ice Cream with amazing flavors like Churro Churro, Nana Banana and of course, Sprinkle Pool. Not only will The Pint Shop be open to the public, it’s a full-on tasting and shopping experience. From what I can see, you can buy plush pool floats, and take photos inside giant pints of ice cream-swoon.


Photos via MOIC + The Pint Shop instagram 

We’re over here having serious fear of missing out, not being able to participate so we made our own MOIC creation. We took the well know Sprinkle Pool at the MOIC Miami and made it into a cake!

The Pint shaped cake celebrates The Pint Shop grand opening. The pink layers and yellow bananas embodies MOIC perfectly and Alexis out did her self adding the iconic pink and yellow pool float. And don’t worry- the cake is of course filled to the brim with sprinkles.

So we’ll be over here following along on Instagram– wishing we were there- and eating cake! As for anyone in the states, if you’re not in NYC, the Pint Shop Ice Cream flavors debut at Target on July 8th – joining their MOIC Art Class clothing line. We just can’t get enough, can you blame us!?


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