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Something Blue

It’s Royal Wedding Day, and we had to be involved. When we heard Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s cake was going to be filled with flavors of lemon and elderflower, we knew we needed a taste. Because our invitation OBVIOUSLY got lost in the mail, we made it ourselves, and we went all out. If we have to get up at 4 am there better be cake!

We took their flavor inspiration and created our version of it, a lemon cake with an elderflower liquor soak and a champagne buttercream- garnished with fresh lemons and blueberries. YUM.

We got the flavors down, now what’s going to make it extra special!? We added all white textures for a classic wedding look, suitable for the Royals. We filled our Poppies For Grace cake stand with fresh sliced lemons and blueberries and did a special feature on the inside.

The Royals have celebrated a lot the last couple of weeks, with a new baby boy and a new bride, the cake needed some blue to represent those big events. So we gave Meghan her something blue.

Cutting into this cake exposed blue ombré layers, perfect for a Royal Wedding, baby shower or fun birthday! And it’s SO easy!

Start with your batter.

Made from scratch or out of the box.

A white cake works best to give you a blank color canvas. Once you mix your batter separate equally into bowls. Use food coloring to dye the cake. Count how many drops you start within your first bowl of batter. add by 2 or 3 in the next bowl and so on to get a dramatic color change. The number of bowls of batter will be the number of layers. Keep in mind you can leave one with no color to start the light side of the ombré. Stir well and bake.

Cut your layers so they are the same size and thickness. Stack your cake with buttercream, (you can ombré this too, for a wow effect!) and decorate as desired.

I just love this for a wedding, but could you imagine cutting into this at a gender reveal!? Choose any color your heart desires!

Did you guys wake up to watch the wedding?


Suga Mama

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