Confetti Center Cake

We all know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? When it comes to cake this is very true. Beautiful cakes are all the rage, but we’re taking it up a notch and adding a super fun surprise on the inside. When you cut into this cake, not only do you expose the delicious layers, but rainbow sprinkles pour out! Does it get any better!?

This adds a fun element of surprise to any cake, plus it enhances the taste. With each bite you’re guaranteed to get that yummy, candy, crunch! The best part is, it’s SO easy, we’re gonna teach you how to do it!


Step One: Bake your cake!

Use any recipe you have, even a box cake will do just fine, but you will need at least THREE layers so plan accordingly. You can do three sheet cakes or one sheet cake cut into three smaller circles.

Once your cake is baked, cut and cooled, you’re ready for frosting.

Step Two: Build

You’ll need three layers of cake all the same size. You’ll also need frosting. We used buttercream for a good hold. Lay down your first layer and pipe a thick ring of frosting around the edge.

Tip: if you don’t have a piping bag, use a big ziplock bag, fill the corner with frosting and cut the tip to pipe.

Frost within the ring, but leave the center with about half as much frosting, creating a divot. Now take your second layer and cut a hole in it. If your cake is round, use a round glass to cut out a small center. Stack this layer on top of your buttercream.

Step Three: Fill the Cake

Now that you have your first and second layer and a big hole in your cake, choose any sprinkle you like, and fill it up! We used these rainbow nonpareils, lots of crunch and color for a wow effect! Now repeat step two and stack your last layer.

Tip: if your cakes are rounded on the top, flip this layer upside down so the top is completely level for a professional look.

Step Four: Decorate

Spread frosting over the entire cake to achieve the look you want and decorate as you please! We chose to do a buttercream brush stroke, on a blank white cake, (inspired by Katherine Sabbath) for a fun St. Thomas Carnival themed Cake.

Cut the cake with a sharp, clean knife and watch the sprinkles pour out!

How much fun is this for Carnival or a birthday party! You could also do Pink or Blue sprinkles for a gender reveal party! The options are endless!



Suga Mama

Photographed and written by Klos + Co

Rainbow garland from Pearl & Jane

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